One of a Kind

The She Blames Me jewelry collection is bold, strong-willed and likes to make a statement; just like you. We stand by our belief that blending in is boring and shooting for average would mean settling for less. We design each of these pieces by hand; ensuring that every item we create is unique, just like the people who will be wearing them.

Putting on clothes and accessories should be an act of self-expression. It should be a conscious effort that you proudly make because, let’s face it…when you look good, you feel good. It is as simple as that. The number one person in the entire world that should never ignore you is YOU. Your own skin is your best armor against haters and critics, so come to love it and revel in your appreciation for it. We have created accessories to use as decorations in celebration of you!

The She Blames Me jewelry collection includes everything from antique findings, body pieces, fringe bracelets, arm cuffs and necklaces to jewelry vests, exaggerated pieces and charms. There are compasses to signify navigation through your own life, crosses to help you keep faith, lanterns to cast light onto your shadows, whistles to help you get heard, matches to set the room on fire, hour glasses to remind you to take the time to love yourself, locks and keys to set yourself free, and magnifying glasses to magnify your importance.

Coming Soon…