Background, What’s Now and What’s Next…

We were raised in a small town in Sumter, S.C. Meyer received her undergraduate degree from the University of South Carolina in Fashion Merchandising. Harvin received her undergraduate degree from Clemson University and received her Masters in Social Work at the University of South Carolina. Both girls lived in S.C. for the majority of their lives. After receiving their respective degrees, they settled in to the good ole 9-5 and quickly found themselves unable to stifle the crave for something more, something that was missing. They became hungry for a change, for more excitement, for more creative freedom. They outgrew the small town and decided to throw caution to the wind and chase a dream. They wanted to be successful “blondentrepreneurs” and yearned to find a way to combine both of their talents, strengths, life experiences, and educational backgrounds and turn them into a profitable business venture. As ADHD as they are, this “venture” had to be something that would not only be very near and dear to them, but also something that would get a rise out of other people and find a strong following from those who could relate. They found themselves traveling to different cities and decided that Atlanta was the perfect place to set up shop. The city is diverse, artistic and we found ourselves intrigued by the possibilities of Atlanta, Georgia. After moving all of our stuff into their new place, they still had not come up with the all encompassing name of this new “company” they wanted to start nor had they both agreed on what the company would produce…jewelry, clothes, etc. They wanted to be the first, be better, or be different and this posed a problem when wanting to tap into the fashion world. It took one whole night in Atlanta to hit the nail on the head! They took their wandering thoughts and brainstormed-to-the-max minds and went straight to the bar for a break from sticky notes. With 6+ inch heels, bleach blonde hair, and tans that only people near the equator could have for real and landed in a local bar called Five Paces. Little did we know that flats seemed to be the shoe of choice in the bar and the all-natural look was certainly something this bar had perfected. Needless to say, they were not exactly welcomed with open arms by the surrounding females. While completely minding their own business and hanging out at the bar (because they knew no one else except one bartender), a girl who was dressed very casually with flats and a button-up shirt approached the bar in a fury and purposely pushed Meyer off her barstool on her way to order a drink. Meyer fell to the floor and was about to defend herself when Harvin stopped her and suggested they take the higher road and buy the girl a shot instead. Meyer bought the shot but suggested Harvin deliver it or else it might “accidently” end up in the girl’s face. Harvin handed the girl the shot and said, “Please don’t ever be that jealous of anyone ever again. You’re too pretty to do that. Don’t hate us; just ask us where we got it. By “it”, Harvin was referring to their look, their style, their clothes, their accessories, their shoes, and their confidence. Later, Harvin said to Meyer, “She totally BLAMES you, Bud! Story of our lives…” (Oh, they call each other “Bud” by the way).

And so She Blames Me was born. Before discussing the brand further, one should understand that while you might think theses two girls are cocky, annoying B’s… you would be every shade of wrong. They simply believe that how you dress is a way to express yourself and “decorating” yourself as you see fit is nothing more than celebrating who you are, your style, your personality. They firmly believe that confidence is the sexiest thing any girl could ever wear and that her own skin is her best armor. For the majority of their lives, they have been considered somewhat “misfits” and non-conformists. They caught a lot of hell for big hair, bleached hair, high heels on a Wednesday afternoon, and so on. They wear outfits that are all over the spectrum from Lady Gaga looking ensembles to beachy boho getup. Most of all, they had come to realize that at this stage in their lives they could not hide who they were for all the tea in China. Conformity was suffocating and the inability to live with complete creative freedom was unfulfilling. So why let the criticism and insults of others slow them down? Since they seemed to be racking in the haters by the hundreds they decided to look at it one way only… they must be doing something right. After all, how different is a fan from a hater…they are both followers so love them somewhat the same. They quickly began to map out business plans and the whole puzzle fell together like Jesus himself knocked on the door and showed them where to put all the pieces. She Blames Me would be “realness revealed.” It would become the mantra for all women celebrating distinction, empowerment, realness, and style. They would name each piece after a hater/critic/blamer from their past. Each piece would tell a story, it would be engraved, it would be relatable. These pieces were like trophies for winning out over hate, turning insults into inspiration. They represent wisdom, confidence and positive perspective. This was their way of encouraging women to take chances, flirt with boundaries, step fearlessly outside the box. It was their way of letting women know that hate and criticism can create tenacity, motivation and endless inspiration. They wanted women to understand that they should never under any circumstances allow the criticism of others be a means to which they criticize themselves. They wanted others to know that they must first fall madly in love with themselves before they can truly be amazing to anyone or anything else. Take haters and put them in your rear view and thank them for following so close behind. They run at your speed so no need to outrun them or ignore them. Just wink from the rear view. Most importantly remember this… you can be their target, but they can be your triumph.

The “realness revealed” part was so simple for Harvin and Meyer because they simply could not hide who they really were. They became so dedicated to the She Blames Me perspective that they began to mock the way you mocked them. If you want to know a few of the many ways they have embraced themselves and owned up to every bit of it, then let’s strip away the pretenses for a minute and just get to the truth. Who are these girls anyway? This is Realness Revealed; try to keep up!

  • Meyer makes Harvin or other “volunteers” push her in a wheelchair in the airport EVERY time she flies.
  • Harvin and Meyer are actually mad that the longest 7 Star Hairdreams weave they can find is 24 inches. Speaking of weaves, they have a dresser drawer dedicated just to their extras.
  • Meyer can fall asleep anywhere. Sometimes they think she is narcoleptic.
  • Harvin hoards office supplies.
  • The sisters call each other “Bud” and only use real names when their mad.
  • Meyer sometimes drools because she is staring so hard.
  • Harvin wears her robe EVERYWHERE when it’s cold and her mother hates it.
  • Both sisters were black-balled from sororities.
  • The sisters hate waking up early but can get outstanding work done at 3 am.
  • They are usually late.
  • You can mock them but they will beat you to the punch.
  • They are wild, hot messes, but they own it.
  • They don’t make excuses for their style choices; its their version of art.
  • They use profanity way too often.
  • They hate trends and won’t follow them.
  • They hate pumping gas more than anything in the world and have run out several times while arguing over who would pump it.
  • They have been known to get dressed in the car.
  • They love to take naps.
  • They have missed events while taking too long to get ready.
  • They only post their best photos on Facebook.
  • They will stage pictures for Facebook to make it look like they are having fun even when they are not.
  • They often have tan streaks.
  • Sometimes the trash goes out more than they do.
  • They share everything, even ADHD.
  • They love fast food and hate the gym.
  • They like Bohemian looks and Rocker Chic styles.
  • They get loopy when they drink, which is often.
  • They think that confidence is the most important thing that you can ever put on.

That is only the beginning!

When Big Rich Atlanta came knocking on their door, they knew it was all or nothing! No way to hide a single imperfection or ridiculousness now! They went for it! Big Rich Atlanta has been one of the most fascinating experiences the girls and their mother have ever had together. They have become very close to other cast members on the show and hang out with them regularly off camera. Being on the show is very hard work, but very much worth it. While the drama is readily overflowing in the BRA world and haters/critics/blamers are a dime a dozen, one thing is for sure… chances of the girls ever running dry on inspiration for the next SBM piece? Slim to none.

What’s next for Big Rich Atlanta? More craziness and drama to unfold on Big Rich Atlanta in ways you can never even fathom!

What’s next for She Blames Me? There are several exciting things for SBM that will be aired on Big Rich Atlanta! The sneak peek of the first SBM collection can be viewed now via scrolling look book at The site has officially launch for pre-order!!! We have also already started mood boarding and designing pieces for our second collection! You can expect to see clothing added under the belt of the brand in the future and you will continue seeing us thanking haters… by name.