Everybody has a story. We all carry baggage from our past. What makes us all different, however, is what we do with that baggage. You’ll learn about Harvin and Meyer’s lives on this page as well as the story behind She Blames Me, but before we get to all that, let’s strip away the pretenses and just get to the truth. Who are these girls anyway? This is Realness Revealed; try to keep up!

  • Meyer makes Harvin or other “volunteers” push her in a wheelchair in the airport EVERY time she flies.

  • Harvin and Meyer are actually mad that the longest 5 Star Hairdreams weave they can find is 24 inches. Speaking of weaves, they have a dresser drawer dedicated just to their extras.
  • Meyer can fall asleep anywhere. Sometimes they think she is narcoleptic.
  • Harvin hoards office supplies.
  • The sisters call each other “Bud” and only use real names when they’re mad.
  • Meyer sometimes drools because she is staring so hard.
  • Harvin wears her robe EVERYWHERE when it’s cold and her mother hates it.
  • Both sisters were black-balled from sororities.
  • The sisters hate waking up early but can get outstanding work done at 3 am.
  • They are usually late.
  • You can mock them but they will beat you to the punch.
  • They are wild, hot messes, but they own it.
  • They don’t make excuses for their style choices; its their version of art.
  • They use profanity way too often.
  • They hate trends and won’t follow them.
  • They hate pumping gas more than anything in the world and have run out several times while arguing over who would pump it.
  • They have been known to get dressed in the car.
  • They love to take naps.
  • They have missed events while taking too long to get ready.
  • They only post their best photos on Facebook.
  • They will stage pictures for Facebook to make it look like they are having fun even when they are not.
  • They often have tan streaks.
  • Sometimes the trash goes out more than they do.
  • They share everything, even ADHD.
  • They love fast food and hate the gym.
  • They like Bohemian looks and Rocker Chic styles.
  • They get loopy when they drink, which is often.
  • They think that confidence is the most important thing that you can ever put on.

Real enough for you? Hang on, we’re just getting started.

You might know Harvin and Meyer Eadon as two hot messes with money to blow, but that’s not how they started out. Well, they were always hot messes, but the money came later. The sisters weren’t born into wealth, and “rich” was never a word they associated with money throughout most of their childhood. Instead, Harvin and Meyer created “rich” lives by dreaming and being imaginative with what they had, whether that meant making whimsical forts out of toilet paper or creating costumes with everyday items from around the house. Above all, Harvin and Meyer’s imaginations and love for each other were the things that made them feel rich, not their bank accounts.

The sisters were born to two amazing parents who taught them the meaning of unconditional love. They got their creative freedom and sense of humor from their father, and their mother does more than just finance their dreams; she’s their rock and their best friend. Growing up, Harvin and Meyer were always told that they could be anything they wanted to be, and that’s exactly how they live their lives every day.

As they grew up, Harvin and Meyer became more and more attracted to the finer things in life (that cost actual money), but their motivation for wanting those things was no different than when they were children; they are, and always have been, attracted to what is visually stimulating. The fashion line celebrated on this website was born first and foremost out of their love of art, creativity, imagination and each other. All of the stuff about their haters came next.

The Brains Behind The Blames

Harvin graduated from Clemson University with an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education and went on to earn a master’s degree in social work from the University of South Carolina. She spent her early career working with young children in schools and children’s homes where she became fascinated by the resilience of children growing up in challenging situations. Harvin has always been interested in human behavior and psychology and has a special interest in “under dog” stories. As much as she loved social work, she still had a hunger for something that was missing in her profession and she was left feeling fashionably dull and creatively unfulfilled. Harvin came to realize that she could still study human behavior and why people do what they do in the fashion industry while also nurturing her artistic side and getting the chance to look hot again.

Since the sisters have never lived apart and don’t want to, Meyer transferred from Clemson University to the University of South Carolina when Harvin went to get her master’s degree and earned her own undergraduate degree in fashion merchandising. Meyer worked in a boutique during college and was the manager of two major stores after college.

Harvin has always been interested in art and design and comes by it naturally as both her grandmother and aunt are portrait artists. She enjoys painting and creating abstract art that inspires or translates a mood or feeling. She also likes to play with colors. Unlike Harvin, who became interested in fashion later in life as a way to create art, Meyer has always been into fashion and uses it as a way to express herself. Meyer is also very observant and can, for example, remember what someone wore to an event three years ago. Together, the sisters bring their unique perspectives to their fashion line; Meyer recognizes what women wear and Harvin thinks about why they wear it.

Harvin and Meyer believe that you can tell a lot about a woman by what she wears. Women have relationships with fashion and what a woman chooses to wear can be a powerful indicator of her state of mind. Clothing choices reveal everything from mood and confidence levels to whether a woman is a risk-taker or likes to plays it safe. Interestingly, women can also use fashion to change their moods and behaviors. If a woman wants to feel confident and sexy, Harvin and Meyer say she has to dress the part first.

She Doesn’t Hate Me; She Blames Me

She Blames Me is both a fashion line and a state of mind. The name of the company has become a powerful anthem for women everywhere getting judged and bullied just because they are daring, feel beautiful and evoke confidence.

To fully understand the philosophy behind She Blames Me, you must first understand that the name of the company didn’t originate from Harvin and Meyer’s love for fashion or design, but from a perspective the sisters developed after years of living in a world filled with other women resenting them for their own insecurities. The sisters noticed that the more confidence they exuded, the more other women blamed them for not being as confident.

Harvin and Meyer grew up in a small town where anyone who didn’t look or act like everyone else was likely to be criticized. Neither Harvin nor Meyer ever wanted to blend in with a crowd so they were often the talk of the town, and not in a good way. One incident in particular that took place at a bar in Atlanta remains a defining moment in the brand’s history.

A few years back, Harvin and Meyer, with their bleach-blond hair, tan skin, six-inch heels and dressed in clothes that showed off their assets (in other words, their usual looks), went into a bar to visit their friend, who was the bartender. While completely minding their own business and hanging out at the bar, a girl who was dressed very casually with flats and a button-up shirt approached the bar and purposely pushed Meyer off her barstool on her way to order a drink. Meyer fell to the floor and was about to defend herself when Harvin stopped her and suggested they take the higher road and buy the girl a shot instead. Meyer bought the shot but suggested Harvin deliver it or else it might “accidently” end up in the girl’s face.

Harvin handed the girl the shot and said, “Please don’t ever be that jealous of anyone ever again. You’re too pretty to do that. Don’t hate us; just ask us where we got it.”

By “it”, Harvin was referring to their look, their style, their clothes, their accessories, their shoes, their confidence. Basically, she was referring to everything that the sisters had that the girl wanted, and most of it was just a state of mind. The girl was so moved by what Harvin said that she started crying and even hugged the sisters. Later, Harvin said to Meyer, “She totally BLAMES you, Bud! Story of our lives…”

From that moment on, Harvin and Meyer have continued to explore the concept of being “blamed” and came to realize that anytime another woman was rude to them, like if they were cutting a line to get into a club, it was because she blamed them for her own insecurities. Since then, saying “She doesn’t hate me; she blames me,” has become a freeing way for Harvin and Meyer to deal with negative attention because, when put into perspective, they find it flattering when someone is only being mean out of jealousy.

It would be easy to dismiss Harvin and Meyer as “mean girls” because they can so easily dismiss the women who judge them, but nothing could be further from the truth. Harvin and Meyer have dedicated their careers towards advocating for women and helping them develop their own self esteem. Their quest to make women more confident starts with the message that all women have to put effort into the way they present themselves to the world. When they see a confident woman wearing her clothes with pride, whether those clothes are from a bargain-bin or haute couture, Harvin and Meyer are the first people in line to pay her a compliment.

If they could give one message to people visiting this website, Harvin and Meyer would encourage them to take the time to dote on themselves, because it is the people who let themselves go that end up “the haters”. Women should take three hours to get ready if that’s what it takes for them to stand out in a crowd and feel great. Harvin and Meyer want all women to take fashion risks and then feel proud when others stare at them because anything worn with confidence will look hot! Even beyond fashion, they believe that taking chances or flirting with boundaries is empowering.

Harvin and Meyer Eadon are the voices for an under recognized subset of women who take more attacks then they deserve. People don’t realize that the underdogs are sometimes the most glamorous and self-confident among us. More often than not, the most confident woman in a room gets bullied more than the plainest. She Blames Me is a mantra for all women celebrating distinction, empowerment, realness and style.